Christo (drawings). Masahiko Yanagi (text), Susan Astwood (picture commentary)

The Umbrellas (joint project for Japan and USA

Knokke-Zoute Guy Pieters Gallery. 1989.

First edition. Signed in brown pastel crayon by Christo with his distinctive signature. From the introduction, Masahiko Yanagi describes this work as follows: "In December 1984, amidst final preparations for The Pont Neuf Unwrapped, Paris, 1975-1985, Christo created several drawings of imagined umbrellas set in an anonymous landscape. Thus began The Umbrellas, Joint Project for Japan and USA, in which the artist is endeavouring to temporarily install 3,000 giant octagonal umbrellas, simultaneously in two sites one in Ibaraki, Japan, and the other in California, USA. If we try to locate The Umbrellas within the spectrum of Christos's creative efforts, it can be considered as rural rather than urban and among his constructed rather than wrapped temporary works of art". This is in very good condition with some slight tears to the bottom of the front cover. A rare copy and very scarce signed by Christo.

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