Basilius Valentianus

Aurea Catena

Belvezy: Editions Anima Mundi. 2002.

Limited edition, 19 of 50. 150x120mm. Unpaginated. pp.20. The text is printed in red from the Kleweta's calligraphy. Illustrated with six coloured engravings including one on the title page and line drawings in the text. Bound in red morocco illustrated on the upper cover and lettered in gold to upper and lower cover. Near fine. Printed by Kleweta on his own press, this is an attractive example of his distinctive dream-like style and left-field choice of subject mixing erotic prints with alchemical symbols. Basilius Valentinus was, supposedly, a fifteenth-century alchemist and monk although it seems that no such person ever existed. Instead, he is now thought to have been Johann Thölde, a German salt manufacturer and Kleweta gives us "Valentinus's" recipe's for the production of salt. A curious and beautiful artist's book.

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