RIETI, Vittorio

Four D.H.Lawrence Songs

New York and London General Music Publishing Company Inc and Novello and Company Limited. n.d. [1964].

First edition. 307x240mm. pp. 12. Illustrated paper covers. In fine condition. Inside rear cover has the label "From The Library of John K. Martin". The four Lawrence poems are Aware, Thomas Earp, December Night and Quite Forsaken. Vittorio Rieti (1898-1994) began his studies in his native Italy. He had links with Berg and Schoenberg and his early work was influenced by their atonal experimentation. Between 1925 and 1940 he divided his time between Paris and Rome and adopted a more tonal, neo-classical style, writing ballet music for Diaghelev. In 1940, he moved to America where he remained for the rest of his life combining composition with teaching. These Lawrence settings were composed for and dedicated to the Queens College Choral Society where Rieti taught between 1955 and 1960. "Rieti's oeuvre stands apart in its specific clarity, gaiety and sophistication of a kind only he possesses; yet it hides a good deal of melancholia".

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